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A message from Cat

I’ve created this site to help people find their Own Way through life. Too many people who want to help don’t offer practical advice on how someone can achieve their goals. Conversely, there are a load of sites out there that sell a particular person’s Way without allowing for the fact that what works for one might not for another. My hope is to help people develop the skills and habits that work for them as they follow their Own Way, their Own path through this life. Despite the page title being “The Way[Tao] of Cat.”

The page’s title actually comes from my name and a friend who started referring to my collected philosophy on life as the Tao of Cat. While he often encouraged me to write a book, when this all came to fruition I decided in this day and age I would help more people through a website. The title is slightly two fold, however, as cats are individualists who also know how to work in groups and partnerships. They are adaptable survivors, so while I am not basing my articles off of cats themselves, they make an apt mascot.

If you found your way here I hope you take the time to find your way around and discover things. Please leave me some feedback on an article or via the contact form, I look forward to getting to know you!


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